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aluminium window door vs pvc window door

Do you want to know the difference between aluminium window door and pvc window door?Now let me tell you.

1. Material

The main material of aluminium window door is aluminum alloy, which has high strength and corrosion resistance, can resist wind and rain and sun exposure, and maintain long-term beauty and service life. The main material of pvc window door is plastic, which has good thermal insulation, sound insulation and waterproof performance, and can effectively reduce energy consumption and noise pollution.
The surface of aluminium window door has been treated by oxidation, spraying and electrophoresis, and has rich color and texture effects, which can meet the different aesthetic needs of consumers. The surface of PVC doors and Windows is relatively monotonous, generally only white and gray options.
Aluminium window door due to the advantages of the material, in terms of pressure resistance and anti-theft performance is more excellent. PVC doors and Windows need to be equipped with tempered glass and anti-theft locks and other equipment to improve security.
The surface of aluminum doors and Windows is easy to clean and maintain, and only needs to be wiped with a wet cloth. PVC doors and Windows need to pay attention to avoid the pollution of chemicals such as paint, otherwise it will affect the appearance and service life.
5.environmental protection
Aluminum alloy doors and Windows need to consume a lot of energy and materials in the production process, and it is difficult to recycle and reuse after waste. PVC doors and Windows are more convenient to recycle and reuse because of the strong plasticity of the material.
In summary, aluminum alloy doors and Windows and PVC doors and Windows have advantages and disadvantages, need to make a choice according to the actual situation. If you pay more attention to appearance and quality, and economic conditions allow, aluminum doors durability and maintenance

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